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Reasons to install a cover on your truck

Having a truck can be great, you can put a lot of stuff there, or you can even use your truck as moving services. Sometimes we come across of covering services for your truck, but should you install a cover on your vehicle? Here we have listed several reasons on why you should put a sheet on your big wheels.

Security reasonstruck

This reason is a no-brainer, a cover is there for security reasons, it is inevitable that thieves can still rip the material and take your things, but it is safer compared to a naked truck. Especially if you’re going on a vacation and you put all of your valuable belongings on the back of your vehicle, which is a natural target for people to steal your stuff. We do not accuse that everyone is going to steal, but the back of a truck without any cover might be appealing for thieves to take your stuff, and this is where the cover is there to avert their attention.

stealKeep your things safe with a cover

With a tonneau cover on your pickup truck, your items are safe from most things, such as rain, bugs, and harsh sunlight, though it depends on the material of your cover, so make sure you get the right material. Specific elements of the cover can deflect rain, bug and the harsh sunlight, when in doubt always ask or look it up on the internet.


Know what cover to get

These covers come in different sizes and shapes; there are roll-up, folding, retractable, etc. If you like to travel a lot while bringing precious valuables, you might want a cover that is designed for harsh or extreme situations, or a soft cover is enough if you don’t like to go out and stay in a neighborhood with low crime rate. Make sure you also get materials that fit your criteria as well.

Low maintenancegel

Most of these tonneau covers require little maintenance, which you can always clean using soap and water, although several covers like vinyl covers require a chemical that protects again UV rays, which means you have to spend an extra dollars to buy those special chemicals.

Tip: in case you’re not sure on how to maintain your covers, always ask for professional support before doing an installation. We suggest getting tonneau covers; they are the sturdiest and also one of the sheets with low maintenance.…

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Various Uses Of EGR Delete Kit

One of the greatest desires of many diesel truck owners is to improve their engine’s overall performance and longevity. Unfortunately, this mission is made impossible by the presence of the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system. Just to refresh your memory, the EGR concept was introduced on all diesel trucks around 2007 to redirect exhaust fumes back through the engine intake manifold to minimize harmful pollutants and emissions like Nitrogen Oxides by EPA regulations. Nevertheless, with the implementation of the EGR system on all diesel engines, there has been a considerable drop in engine performance and efficiency. This article will reveal to you the five various uses of EGR delete kit. By definition, an egr delete 6.0 is an aftermarket device that eliminates the negative effects associated with EGR systems.

Uses of EGR delete kit

It Improves Engine Performance and Efficiency

The introduction of EGR systems on diesel engines led to a 3 percent drop in engine efficiency. Installing an EGR delete kit eliminates the EGR system, allowing your engine to perform more efficiently than before.


It improves the Lifespan of Your Diesel Engine

An EGR system causes clogging of soot from exhaust gasses like carbon (IV) oxide inside your engine block. Soot Accumulation also leads to wear and tear because of the high temperatures that EGR installed engines produce. This soot accumulation decreases not only your engine’s lifespan but also its power. Using an EGR delete kit helps to alienate your engine from all soot-clogging complications.

It Improves Fuel Mileage

The 3 percent drop in engine efficiency means that 3 percent more diesel is combusted to generate the same amount of power. Using an EGR delete kit not only makes your engine run longer but also improves its fuel mileage by improving your engine’s efficiency.

It Protects Your Engine From Spoilage.

EGR systems have been known to cause serious engine issues including coolant problems, stuck valves, and leaky cylinders. The federal government believes that it is far better to cause all these troubles by clogging your engine with soot instead of releasing the exhaust to the environment. Using an EGR delete kit prevents sediment clogging, saving your engine from the listed malfunctions.

It Lowers the Operating Temperatures of Your Engine.

Using an EGR system raises exhaust gas temperatures beyond the recommended limits in the EGR cooler. Pretty high temperatures and pressure are the reason behind the blowing up of many EGR coolers after a short period of use. The only two ways to lower the operating temperature of your engine is to either use an EGR delete kit or change the oil cooler when replacing your EGR cooler. With the EGR system removed, your vehicle will not only run cooler but also take longer to heat up.


Wrapping it up

EGR delete kits have risen in popularity especially among those who have had bad experiences with EGR valve systems. However, it is against the federal laws to remove an EGR system from your vehicle. Using an EGR delete kit is only legal for off-road use. Using a high-quality tuner like the SCT tuner will inform you in the case of degrading engine performance and failing parts to ensure your diesel engine runs efficiently after EGR delete kit installation.…

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