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How to take care of your car transmission

Your car transmission is very important to keep your car moving. If your car transmission gets damaged, then it means that you are in trouble. Damage to the vehicle transmission is expensive to repair because at times it means buying new parts to fix it from scratch. To avoid these problems, you need to learn how to fix your transmission and also take care of it. Carelessness causes some problems in the transmission, and this means that they can be avoided. All you have to do is to learn how to take care of your transmission.

Taking care of your car transmission

Check the fluid of your transmission

Checking the fluid of your transmission is important. The reason for this is to make sure that the level is in the recommended amount and avoid low levels of transmission fluid. Checking the fluid also ensures that you have clean fluid in the transmission.

Dirty fluid clogged with dust and dirt is likely to interfere with the normal working. When changing the fluid, the synthetic fluids are most preferred. This is because they reduce heat and they are also easy on the transmission.

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Clean and service the transmission

The car transmission is susceptible to all types of dirt and dust, and it is supposed to be regularly cleaned. After covering about 30000 miles, take your car to an auto shop for proper cleaning and servicing.

The auto repair expert will empty all the transmission fluid and replace it with a new one. They will also change the filters and clean the transmission pan. All these services are meant to keep your car functioning well. Dirt and friction are the main dangers to your transmission.

Don’t overload your car

Overloading your car is one of the reasons why your transmission is likely to fail. If you load your car more than the recommended capacity, then it puts a strain on the belt. Putting a strain on the belt causing overheating of the car and this affects the transmission.

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Good driving practices

Good driving practices are essential when it comes to maintaining car transmission. Be easy on the gear and make sure that you don’t push your car too much. Drive your car on the right terrain. This is not only good for the transmission but also for maintaining the general car performance.…

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