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  • Chelmsford City - Falling apart again

    Wow, what a fantastic season Chelmsford are having. Get rid of the best manager they had in years, Glenn Pennyfather, and bought in a totally useless, living of his name and past glories, Dean Holdsworth. Never mind promotion, what about relegation! If is ain't broke, don't fix it!!!!

    Created by Lennie

  • Chelmsford bids to become a City!

    Anyone noticed any difference now Chelmsford is a city, apart from a new council logo? What a waste of money.

    Created by Justin

  • Chelmsford Music Scene

    Problem is that the theatre is out of the way, there's never anything about these so called live music acts and bands posted around town, assuming what you say is true, and i can't personally say i've ever known any local bands to play at the theatre. Hooga doesn't exist anymore, they had noise complaints and have since re-opened as 'The Loop' in place of Lights bar, plus that was just 1 venue and they now only do acoustic nights and dj's in a venue barely large enough to cater for more than a h

    Created by Chris

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